Children of non-custodial fathers often fall behind socially, emotionally, and cognitively simply because their fathers are caught in a cycle of financial, social, and systemic barriers that keeps them from playing a crucial active role in their child’s life.

We maximize fathers as assets in the lives of their children, families and communities

Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities believes that there are tremendous assets within communities and among fathers. We believe that fathers are an underutilized resource and an overlooked asset that can help break the cycle of poor child outcomes in many of our communities. By connecting African-American non-custodial fathers and their families to a range of services and resources, FFHC provides fathers with the tools they need to meaningfully engage with their families - and ultimately to give their children a better chance at success.

Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities helps African American noncustodial fathers reconnect with their children.

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